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Weather Synchronization System, Solar Lights, and the Middle Capa Series

This page is an English translation of the solar lights page from L-Kougen's website. L-Kougen is a Tokyo based company with solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Although L-Kougen makes everything from desk lights to street lights, the product that continually proves to be popular overseas is our line of solar lights. Our hope is that more people can discover the many benefits of our solar lights, such as our Weather Synchronization System, which may be the key to reducing CO2 emissions. This is why we decided to translate this page. At the moment, this is a direct translation of the Japanese page, and was not written with a foreign audience in mind. However, if you agree that reducing CO2 emissions is a worthwhile mission, please consider joining our cause. If you are interested in forming a business partnership with us, we have listed a few important points below.
1.What we are looking for in a business partner People who understand the Weather Synchronization System and want tohelp spread the technology. We are primarily interested in long-term arrangements for our solar lights, instead of one-time purchases.
2.Where to use our solar lights Considering the power consumption of LED lights, they are most suitable for small lighting application (under 6W) such as sidewalks and parking lots. Although it is technically possible to create a 30W street light using LED lights, this is not as practical as using a conventional street light.
While making an AC sourced 30W LED only costs about 1.5 times more than a 6W LED, in the case of a solar light, the solar panel and battery increase in price by a factor of 5. As a result, the pole needs to be made larger to accommodate the larger panel and battery. Adding these together, the manufacturing cost is nearly five times greater than a 6W solar light. Even if you subtract the wiring costs and electricity bill that an AC light would require, there are diminishing returns for increasing the brightness of a solar light in terms of cost.
3.Our products and their prices Of the parts that make up our products, we do not sell parts that can be manufactured locally, such as poles, solar panels, frames, and LED lights. Instead, we offer free consultation and will provide the technical drawings and data needed to manufacture the necessary parts. What we will send from Japan is the Weather Synchronization System PCB, or technical assistance only.

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