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The Renovation Capa Project - A New Venture in Restoring Old Solar lights


We have begun full-scale commercialization of the Renovation Capa Project!

We recycle valuable resources by restoring old solar lights!

Despite minimal marketing, the Middle Capa has been recognized for its good performance, notably its 10,000 charge-discharge cycles and the Weather Synchronization System. By 2014, we had sold over 3000 Middle Capa's. As the Middle Capa continued to find success, we began to get calls from new customers who would ask questions like "We have a solar light that no longer works (from another company).
Can you repair it for us?" and "We installed a solar light a long time ago (from another company) and replacing the battery is expensive. Are there any alternatives?". We realized that some customers did not want to invest in a new solar light, but would rather renovate an old one. We decided to undertake the business of renovating old solar lights, while we continue to sell our own solar lights.

Why do you need Renovation Capa?

We will renovate your solar light for any of the following reasons.
  1. The light no longer turns on because the lead acid battery is dead
  2. The battery needs to be replaced, but the replacement is expensive
  3. You are interested in a battery with a longer lifespan and a more efficient LED light
Switched new high cycle lithium ion battery, Switched new LED lights.
Over 10,000 charge discharge cycles
SCiBTM, Toshiba's lithium ion battery made with lithium titanite
ALMTM, NEC's Olivine type lithium iron phosphate battery
Expected lifespan
High cycle lithium ion battery expected lifespan more than 15years.

In summary…

  1. Renovate a solar light for about the same cost as it would take to replace a lead acid battery.
  2. It is cheaper than installing a new solar light, because the costs for base construction, the pole, and the solar panel are conserved. An L-Kougen engineer will evaluate what does and does not need to be replaced.
  3. After renovation, the new battery will not need to be replaced for at least 15 years.
  4. Optionally replace the light and the solar panels with more efficient models (we will also take into consideration budget constraints).

Case Studies – Save money by updating only what you need to

Lights are on longer and brighter after renovation.
Removed battery box from the base for a cleaner look
Solar light by the Shinnaka River in Edogawa, Tokyo Previously, the battery would become empty around midnight. After renovating the solar panel, LED light, and battery, the light stays on throughout the night, brighter than before. The battery box at the base was also removed, giving the base a clean look.
Renovation Case1:Lights are on longer and brighter after renovation.

It can be dangerous to neglect a dead battery!
This solar light was installed in a park nearby an elementary school. The light would not turn on, so we were asked to repair it. Upon inspection, the lead acid battery that was being used was leaking battery acid. Because this was an extremely dangerous situation, we replaced the battery promptly. After renovating this light, we were able to recover a safe and effective solar light.
Renovation Case2:It can be dangerous to neglect a dead battery!

We can renovate lights with nonstandard shapes as well! -1
Unlike Case 1 and Case 2, which both show relatively standard designs, not all solar lights look the same. For example, the solar light shown below has the solar panel attached to the side of the supporting pole.
Renovation Case3:We can renovate lights with nonstandard shapes as well! -1

We can renovate lights with nonstandard shapes as well! -2
We took an old solar light that looked clunky, and slimmed it down to give it a modern look. Because of severe corrosion, we also painted the pole to give it a polished finish.
Renovation Case4:We can renovate lights with nonstandard shapes as well! -2

We can renovate lights wit nonstandard shapes as well! -3
We can renovate solar lights with additional components, such as the windmill on the top of the pole (shown below).
Renovation Case5:We can renovate lights wit nonstandard shapes as well! -3

Reduce size, increase performance
We renovated the solar light in Tohoku City Hall's parking lot. In addition to the solar panel, the LED light, and the battery, the control circuits and the Weather Synchronization System are designed and implemented by L-Kougen.
Renovation Case6:Reduce size, increase performance

Renovationcapa pamphlet 
Renovationcapa pamphlet
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